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Vendor, Contract and Compliance Management Services 

We undertake business analysis and process improvement to help businesses grow revenues, increase profits and mitigate risks. 

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We Provide High Quality Vendor, Contract and
Compliance Management Services


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Businesses Looking to Outsource Services

We provide consultancy to ensure the internal processes and procedures that support your procurement and outsourcing functions are optimised for your requirements. 


Improving and optimising your procurement and vendor functions can make a dramatic impact on your revenue and profit streams.

It is critical to get your requirements right, and optimise the processes and procedures of your company that deal with the service provider.

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Sales Teams and Executive Leaders Looking to Increase Proposal “Win” Rates


We analyse your end-to-end business development processes and resource structures to ensure that they are adhering to the requirements and following the right steps to win the business. 

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Governance and Compliance of Your Contracts and Vendor Relations

It is important to monitor the performance, obligations and deliverables agreed upon between the vendor and the business to ensure compliance and to minimise the risk for both parties. 

In this area, ongoing training for compliance and regulatory standards is critical. 

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Kathryn Levy Global Account Manager
My experience working with Launa Lawhorn has been defining and has been professionally rewarding. I have worked with many Senior Executives in some of the largest Fortune 500 companies and Launa Lawhorn ranks up there with one of the best. The work she does will be an invaluable change maker for your company or organization.
Yuki Whitmire Associate General Counsel
Launa and I collaborated on multiple high-profile projects. I highly recommend Launa for any company or business owner looking for a talented, smart, driven consultant to improve their operations and bottom line. She consistently displays the highest levels of professionalism and expertise and inspires confidence as a vendor management leader and expert in the industry.
Robyn Feldberg Certified Coach & Consultant
I have had the privilege of working with Launa over several years. Over that time, I have gotten to know Launa’s integrity, heart, and work ethic and I have seen firsthand her commitment to continuous learning and development and the extraordinary financial results she consistently achieves for her clients.

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