Our Mission

To deliver structure, control and empowerment to our clients through value-added consulting and advisory services utilizing systems and processes designed to grow revenues, increase profits and mitigate risks.

Vision Statement and Values

To create a conscious experience where companies and suppliers worldwide are connected to the resources that grow their business and make win-win opportunities globally for all stakeholders. 

Values: We build long-term relationships earning the trust of our clients by providing measurable benefits.

With over 25 years of experience working in diverse industries, we are committed to the highest ethical standards and integrity.

We always do the “Right Thing”!

We are dedicated to growing businesses and communities!

Revolutionize the way our clients spend their most valuable asset: TIME.

My Story


Where It All Started

I started my corporate career in the 80’s working with a Fortune 500 Technology Outsourcing Company.  I have always loved technology and aligning processes to create a competitive advantage in the market.

With the ongoing evolution and advancements of technology, over my career I developed a mindset of curiosity, change and advancement.


November 1999

Expanding and Learning Business Globally

Over the years I held executive roles in the corporate environment and traveled the world studying, collaborating, and doing business.  

Some of my best business experiences were during my travels to Beijing, Canada, Costa Rica, Budapest, Switzerland, Germany, and Italy.

I realize now that this was the birth of my desire to be an entrepreneur.


September 2005

Growth Mindset

After graduating from the Executive MBA program with a focus on International Business, I wanted to help small and mid-market businesses grow and scale.  I started consulting and advising executive leaders in the community, teaching business classes, and serving on community boards – all while working full time.

I built strong partnerships and leveraged my relationships internationally to collaborate globally to grow and scale businesses which created a “win/win” for all stakeholders.


May 2020

A New Beginning – The Conscious Business Journey Begins

Over the years as a corporate executive, I have managed millions in vendor and contract management budgets, negotiated high profile deals, established compliance, risk and governance structures, managed strategic enterprise level initiatives globally in diverse industries with amazing results

May 2020, I performed extensive research, numerous interviews with corporate executives, business owners, vendors, led mastermind sessions, and focus groups on business challenges and imperatives. A robust analysis was performed on the data captured and the outcome was used to provide a new operating model with measurable outcomes for our clients. 

Lawhorn Professional Services LLC launched expanded services to include vendor, contract, and compliance management services.  

The methodology, processes, and templates are unique and provide an innovative approach for business development and increasing “win rates” for proposals, RFPs, and contracts.

We also provide training, coaching, and speaking engagements on strategic leadership and business strategies.





Meet Launa L. Lawhorn


Launa worked as a corporate executive in IT, Program and Project Management, Risk & Compliance, Outsource Services, Contract and Vendor Management roles.

Her passion and work over more than 25 years has been involved with business owners in diverse industries providing consulting and advisory services designed to grow revenues, increase profits, and minimize risks.  

Launa is married and lives in Garland, Texas.

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